About Us
We are a community church for the wider community.

Our Core Values are Relationship, Reality, and Relevance!  

We believe that God created humanity for RELATIONSHIP. We severed that relationship.  However, with our acceptance of God’s provision in Jesus Christ, out of His love for us, this relationship is restored, is being restored and will be fully restored as we continue with Him throughout eternity.  Jesus unquestionably demonstrated through His ministry that RELATIONSHIP is always at the forefront.

We also stress REALITY because God asks and requires us to surrender our limited understanding for His omnipotent and omniscient REALITY. 

It is a simple but powerful concept called obedience and faith as a reaction to His grace. And finally, we claim RELEVANCE. 

Faith is sometimes simply expressed by using the obvious acronym F-A-I-T-H, Forsaking All I Trust Him.  The ancient writings that we know as our Bible is bursting with examples of God’s supernatural relevance in every generation. 

The Word of God is timely and timeless.

What We Believe