The Pastoral Care Ministry supports people both within the church, and in our community, in times of need.  Our priority is to ensure that the needs of LBC folk are met, but reaching out to friends and neighbours is also encouraged. 

 The senior pastor and a small group of volunteers make up the Pastoral Care Team, which coordinates pastoral care tasks and mobilises LBC folk to undertake these tasks.  Pastoral care is an “all-of-church” ministry, therefore everyone in the congregation is encouraged to contribute their time and skills to meeting specific personal needs within the congregation, and beyond. 

What is Pastoral Care?

 Lincoln Baptist Church has a strong an effective pastoral care ministry. This means we provide practical support to people in times of need, in the form of meals, baking, food hampers, visiting, driving to appointments, gardening, etc. We are responding to the message of Jesus to love one another, and our pastoral care ministry is an expression of this love. We are not equipped to handle major personal crises or provide long-term support services, but we always do what we can when we are made aware of a personal need in our church, and in the wider community.

To contact the Pastoral Care team, email 

What we do

 While the LBC life groups can respond effectively to the needs of their members, not everyone belongs to a life group. It is these people for whom we are especially keen to assist, when in need. This assistance may be in various forms, for example:

-            Providing a meals or baking

-            Providing a food parcel

-            Visiting the elderly, sick or those living alone

-            Driving a person to an appointment

-            Gardening and lawnmowing

-            Child minding

There is no expectation that the support, other than visiting, will continue long-term. We also acknowledge happy events, such as the arrival of a baby, engagement or marriage, by sending a card. At Christmas, hampers are distributed to older LBC folk who are living alone.