Lincoln Baptist Mission mandate reflects Jesus’ final words to his Disciples (Acts 1:8)

 “But you will receive power When the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”  


Based on this, we have chosen to support people and  ministries which represent both the ‘right here’ and the ‘beyond ourselves’ aspects of Jesus’ commission.  


We are a community church for the wider community: we want all people, everywhere to trust in Jesus.   These are our six key Mission Cube Partners working all around the world to help people meet Jesus. . .   


Greg and Lisa serve in the Middle East / Arab Peninsula, reaching out with God’s love into the Arab communities in which they live.

They have considerable knowledge of the Qur’an as well as the Bible and readily engage in faith conversations, often using Biblical story-telling to share the message of the Gospel. They have been involved in training incoming workers, but the Institute is closing and they are looking for God’s guidance as to the way ahead.


The Woven Life Foundation serves in a poor socio-economic rural area of NE Thailand , with a very small church. Locals on the whole are poorly educated and alcohol and drug abuse are common.

The Woven Life team are currently reaching out to communities primarily through the vehicle of teaching English in a fun and interactive way.  Through these openings, they aim to use the connections to be a witness. 

The present communities they are working in include village children (and caregivers), the youth detention centre, alocal high school and an adult English conversation class in town.  

Special Projects

The Keeping Families Together Programme is a comprehensive programme that aims to strengthen at-risk families by teaching about financial planning, health and the importance of staying at school. Families are supported by bi-monthly family-fun events and are followed up for 5 years.  Dtom heads this programme.

Teen Star Project: Teen pregnancy is a big problem in this part of Thailand. 10-12 year old girls are taught about puberty, how to care for themselves and keep themselves safe.  Ghan heads this ministry.   

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HAGAR is a Christian organisation that works to restore women and children who suffer extreme human rights abuse to life in all its fullness.

They particularly work with survivors of human trafficking, slavery, sexual exploitation and gender based violence. Hagar nurtures hope, healing, resilience, dignity, family and community so that all involved (donors, partners, staff and clients) experience transformation.  

Hagar identifies the individual needs and potential of each  survivor and nurtures, through relationships, their journey  towards resilience and dignity.   

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TearFund, motivated by the love of Jesus Christ, advocates for poor, vulnerable and oppressed people.

TearFund believes that communities know the issues they face better than anyone, so they identify local organisations around the world to partner with.  

TearFund works across five causes to help those most in need: Nourishing communities with life’s essentials. Protecting the vulnerable from exploitation. Restoring hope and peace after disaster strikes.

Sponsoring children in need. Empowering the poor to help themselves. This approach empowers communities to help themselves and find local, long term, sustainable solutions to poverty.   

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Student Mission – seeking to reach students for Christ and change students for life. We actively support three aspects of this work:   CECE Ecuador – Josue & Ruth Olmedo, Ana-Gracia & Ela-Paz. CECE (Comunidad de Estudaintes Christanos del Ecuador) is the student mission movement in Ecuador. Ruth was appointed by the CECE Board as the new CECE National Director from 2020. 

TSCF New Zealand – Tim & Lizzy Hodge, Gideon & Susannah. Tim became full-time with TSCF (Tertiary Students Christian Fellowship) in May 2019, in a new role of Training & Development Director across NZ.

TSCF Dunedin - Michael Bresler From 2020, Michael works as a TSCF staffworker in Dunedin with the several TSCF student mission groups in Otago University and Otago Polytechnic. 

CECE Ecuador and TSCF New Zealand are part of IFES, aiming to see each campus globally with a vibrant student witness.   


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Selwyn Wairewa Youth Trust
SWYT, 24-7YW

Selwyn Wairewa Youth Trust is committed to creating a healthy and vibrant youth culture in Selwyn and Wairewa. We do this by supporting young people, developing leaders and creating safe spaces.

24-7 YouthWork As part of the national network that facilitates partnerships between local churches and local schools, SWYT has 2 youth workers providing presence-based youth work at Lincoln High School and 1 youth worker at Lincoln Primary School. 24-7 Youth Work has been running for over 13 years in Lincoln High School. 



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